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Zynga Mafia Wars Properties Calculator

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Mob size: Max Mob: 5
Usable Weapons per type: 5 Max Weapons: 5
Gross Income (per cycle) mins: 0
Upkeep: (per cycle)
Net Income (per cycle): 0
Money to spend:


Name Owned
Abandoned Lot
Commercial Block
Beachfront Property
Prime Downtown Lot
Rent House
Italian Restaurant
Apartment Complex
Valu Mart
Marina Tourist Shops
Office Building
5 Star Hotel
Mega Casino
CurrentProjectedSuggested Action
CostROIOwnedAmountBuy it
5,000 1.0e-20
50,000 3.0e-3Not avail until level 5
1,000,000 2.0e-3Not avail until level 10
4,000,000 2.0e-3Not avail until level 10
16,000 9.4e-30
30,000 1.2e-2Not avail until level 10
200,000 1.0e-2Not avail until level 10
400,000 8.8e-3Not avail until level 10
5,000,000 9.0e-3Not avail until level 10
16,000,000 9.4e-3Not avail until level 10
20,000,000 1.0e-2Not avail until level 15
40,000,000 7.5e-3Not avail until level 35
Current Projected  
Income 0 Income 0
Increase 0
Optimal 0
Missed Income N/a