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Storm8 World War Buildings Calculator

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Alliance size: Max Alliance: 5
Usable Units: 30 Max Units: 30
Gross Income (per cycle) mins: 0
Upkeep: (per cycle)
Net Income (per cycle): 0
Money to spend:


Name Owned
Supply Depot
Weapons Factory
Power Plant
Oil Rig
Military Research Lab
Nuclear Testing Facility
Solar Satellite Network
Fusion Reactor
CurrentProjectedSuggested Action
CostROIOwnedAmountBuy it
25,000 4.0e-20
220,000 3.0e-2Not avail until level 2
800,000 2.1e-2Not avail until level 8
4,000,000 1.4e-2Not avail until level 12
30,000,000 9.0e-3Not avail until level 25
90,000,000 5.6e-3Not avail until level 35
150,000,000 4.7e-3Not avail until level 40
500,000,000 2.4e-3Not avail until level 60
1,200,000,000 1.2e-3Not avail until level 90
Current Projected  
Income 0 Income 0
Increase 0
Optimal 0
Missed Income N/a    

Name Owned
Guard Tower
Landmine Field
Automated Sentry Gun
Coastal Cannons
CurrentProjectedSuggested Action
CostROIOwnedAmountBuy it
45,000 6.7e-50
300,000 3.3e-5Not avail until level 5
850,000 1.8e-5Not avail until level 10
4,200,000 7.6e-6Not avail until level 15
15,000,000 3.3e-6Not avail until level 22
36,000,000 2.1e-6Not avail until level 37
120,000,000 8.3e-7Not avail until level 70
Current Projected   Per unit
Defense 0 Defense 0 0
Increase 0 0
Optimal 0
Missed Defense N/a    

Acquired 'Mercenary Arms Merchant' for 5% discount on Units:
Acquired 'Mobile Sustainable Brigade' for 5% discount on Units upkeep: